Rubber Plantation
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Rubber Plantation

Rubber Production

We've been running the Rubber Plantation since 1988 until now. We started with 40 acres of plantation then we extended up to about 100 acres which is located at Kyaikhto township, Mon State in Myanmar.

In 1996, we tried to extend another plantation farm at Kayin State with 5000 acres by the name of 'Than & Sons Co; Ltd which is about 20 miles from 'Thaton Central town'. AT present, we are running with about 300 acres on that farm and we still have plans to extend more in the near future.

We are selling our final products of rubber to the local market as sole for Myanmar slippers (footwear). We still have a good demand for rubber at our local markets. But we have plan to export to other countries in future when we can produce our products which more than requirement of our local markets.